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Kevin GomezMarch 25, 20215min35

We have so many guidelines on dating now.

How to dress for your new date. How to do your make-up for the first date. How to groom yourself. How to act. What to order. How to sit and the list simply goes. And the fact is, we love dating and we thrive from the positive affirmation from dating. 

But the question is, in this very hectic world, have we taken some time to give ourselves the same energy? Have you given yourself the same pampering you would give your new date? Have you ever made yourself your date? 

Whether you are single or married or happily in a relationship, it is important to learn how to enjoy your own time. Your partner should not be your entire life and they are not responsible for all of your happiness. Your happiness is also a responsibility that belongs to you. Just like how our health and checking for the best hepatitis medicine Malaysia has to offer for us is also our responsibility. 

It is about time we date ourselves. And there are so many reasons why you should take yourself out on a date!

Self Love Equals A Happy, Content Life 

Self-care is important. This last year and the year 2021 is about getting in a hot tub and pampering ourselves. But self-care goes deeper than dipping in some vanilla-scented tub for a soak. Your self-care is about treating yourself the way you would treat your loved ones. When you are taking yourself out to the places you love, you are taking care of your own mental well-being and physical well-being as well. Is your idea of self-care a hike on a hill? Then take it on and let’s get going!

Getting In Touch With Yourself 

There is a phenomenon that we experience when we truly take our time to learn ourselves. We become independent. Our independence does come from financial freedom and many other factors. But the greatest independence from worldly life comes when we get in touch with our own unique self. When you learn to take yourself out on a date, you are exposed to a whole world of things that you love to do. And we also learn what we like, dislike, how we react in a situation, how we can improve ourselves to do better, and many more. We also gain inspirations and motivations that are much needed for our personal life and professional life. 

Alone Time Is Important 

Maybe you underestimated how good alone time is. Alone time is when you have no compromises. Alone time is when there is no one to boss you around. Alone time is you and a good book out in a coffee house or maybe you and a jogging lane all alone. But it is your time to shine. And your time to live judgment-free making satisfying choices. When we learn how to love being alone, it not only helps our tendency to depend on outsiders but also improves our relationship with other people and improves our confidence. 

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