Why We Need To Understand Basic Chemistry

Why We Need To Understand Basic Chemistry | Vortex

Kevin GomezMay 11, 20215min19

 Chemistry has revolutionized our entire world. It has changed our actions, habits, and our overall attitude toward a world of chemicals. Can you imagine living a world where chemicals are not used to build our home, or our favourite clothes? Most probably not. Chemicals are used in our favorite perfumes and cleaning products. They are also in the skin care that we are addicted to and they are in our food. Chemicals that are both naturally made and man-made are important to the world and it has become crucial for humans to understand basic concepts of chemistry.

How many times have we tried to mix two and two of the household cleaning products? Maybe experiment with a little cooking ingredient to see how flavor enhancers but maybe even become poisonous? Hundreds of products in our homes are labeled with a skull or some other indication for hazardous or not safe for ingestion and consumption. How do we know the perfect quantity of these products to use and to use extremely safely? 

Our mothers and fathers may have not studied chemistry over 50 years ago but they certainly learned chemistry from day-to-day experiences. They learned from their fathers and they understood how the world of chemistry worked. So why is it so important to understand how chemistry works around the world? Why do you need to understand the basic concepts of chemistry?  


Our Body Is Made Of Chemicals

Our body is literally made of chemical particles and chemical reactions. Our bloodstream has chemical neurotransmitters. Chemicals in the body are how the body’s functions are regulated. It needs chemicals more than any other being in this world to stay alive, communicate between organs and keep us functioning. Chemical reactions are constantly ongoing in our bloodstream. While we don’t need to understand every little bit of the chemical reactions, basic chemistry in our body helps us understand how we consume food and how we should cook for our body. Chemical reactions are not only important for tangible things and physical things around the world. Chemicals also explain how we act and react to worldly things. There are chemical structures for our love hormones that we feel when we are deeply in love or affection for something or someone. How we act is also defined by chemical reactions. 

Chemistry In Our Homes

Our home is where we cook. Laugh. Love and eat. So it is only natural for every household function that there is a chemical to facilitate it. Are you looking to make beautiful concoctions on the dinner plate? That is also a play of chemicals and chemistry. Another important thing is the concrete we use and the chemicals that go into making the house. Whether it is wax emulsion Malaysia has in our floorboards and plasterboards or any other foaming agent in concrete, we are here for the use of chemicals to strengthen our dream home 

Chemicals are easy to understand despite the complicated reaction it has. For our safety and health, we should understand how chemicals and chemistry play a role in our everyday life.