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Kevin GomezJanuary 31, 20215min41

There are a lot of things that are happening out there and sometimes we can’t even catch it. But there is one thing that all people should know. Everyone should have their own online portfolio or digital portfolio. That is one thing that a lot of people have overlooked. All people should have their online portfolio nowadays. There are a lot of reasons why people should have their own online portfolio nowadays and it will only benefit you at the end of the day. It also will give all the companies out there one reason to hire you as their employee. Before we go deeper into this matter, you also might be interested in website design company Penang because they can develop one digital portfolio for you. 

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  • The online portfolio develop soft skills for yourself

A lot of people overlooked this matter. The soft skills can be built through the online portfolio. A lot of companies out there want to hire people with good soft skills. When you develop one online portfolio for your own self, you have trained yourself to have great soft skills. Soft skills are important in your career in the future. A lot of companies prioritize soft skills over anything else especially if you want to be hired into the marketing department who will be handling all the clients for the company itself. Soft skills are important because you know how to manage yourself in the work environment later. 


  • You are one step closer to your dream job

As has been mentioned just now, when you create your online portfolio for yourself, you have given all the companies out there one reason to hire you as their employee. You also do not have to worry too much when you are applying for one position in one company because you have prepared for it. After creating your own portfolio, you just need to worry about your presentation for your own self. 


  • You have given the first good impression to the people

When you developed the digital portfolio for your own self, you have given a good first impression to all people out there. You have shown them that you can give something more than other people. Again, you are also given all the companies out there one reason to hire you as their employee. Developing the digital portfolio not only practices the soft skill for your own self but you also have given to other people a lot of good impressions for your own self. By creating a good impression, you can make a lot of networking when you go out there. You have built your own reputation based on people’s first impressions. That is why all companies out there really recommend you to create your own digital portfolio because it will only benefit your own self. 


To conclude all this, the digital portfolio is something bad to do. It will give you a lot of advantages and benefits for your own self. You also have proved to other people that you can give them something more than only the resume that other people do. 

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