Why Online Businesses Are Overrated | Vortex

Kevin GomezJune 1, 20214min27

Ever since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, many unemployed individuals have resorted to venturing their business online to be able to make ends meet. Though that being a rational alternative for financial purposes, it is about time we admit that many have taken this path thus making the online business phenomenon overrated than ever before. Though being overrated is not necessarily a bad thing, when it starts to go downhill is when we need to start coming up with resolutions. Here are few concrete justifications why online business is way too overrated and that sellers need to generate better alternatives for the very betterment. 

It Is Almost A Shortcut To Generating Income

While everybody is entitled to make money the way they intended to, provided they are causing no harm to the innocent. With that being said, many of those who see no purpose in pursuing a stable career because of the stress and responsibility it brings, are desired to generate fast money through this very shortcut as it does not call for any qualifications. As a result, their laid-back attitude would not really bring them further even with a platform like social media granting them the autonomy to make money the way they want. Their attitude causes them to take their online business lightly because their intentions are only to make money, not serve their customers the way they deserve to be. There exist tons of cases where customers reported not being treated nicely during inquiries and were asked to look for other sellers in a rather rude tone when demands could not be met. 

Apart from that, many of whom with bad intentions utilize social media platforms for their scheme. Rather than doing legal trades, their very motive is to cheat the innocents for their money. Their profile and site may come off as legitimate but behind the screens, there are no goods and services provided, just a group of immoral-minded teams assembling for fraud. 

The online business phenomenon is most guilty of this because individuals are granted too much of a freedom to market their goods and services which sometimes may not even be legal. There were many group chats caught by the authorities selling off nudes for those who are intrigued to save a copy. Ironic how the society claimed the use of sex toy from sex toys shop online malaysia as disgusting and disregard the atrocity of trading private photos of the innocents. While we should not judge the entire team based on one foul rat, it is what it is; culprits would not even make their way through trading of such without the rise of online business phenomenon. 

How To Resolve

To put an end to whatever practices jeopardizing the market of online business, social media platforms should require sellers to submit in their particulars and qualifications for perusal before embark on their venture online to ensure these businesses are being operated at the most humane ways possible.