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Kevin GomezApril 6, 20214min22

Have you ever had a friend or family member who would invite you to do a business that would involve selling products to your family and friends? Did they promise you with a very enticing benefit of being involved in their business? Well, you have been pulled into the business of MLM.

Multi Level marketing, or MLM, is an infamous method for business companies to hire distributors to sell their products in various locations. With each sale, the company will receive commissions which allows them to expand their business regionally and internationally. As a company continues to grow, keeping track of every distributor can be tedious and micromanaging all of your data can be really annoying when your computer is filled with tons of documents and sheets. Communicating with your customers could also prove to be a problem as you would need to 

A software mlm helps to provide services for MLM companies to work more efficiently and enhance productivity. Some software allows users to customize their software which provides an easier way to quickly distinguish your distributors in the blink of an eye. Additionally, MLM companies are able to upload files to their workers quickly as the involved personnels will be able to view the file without relying on the head of the group to distribute the files. This is especially important for MLM companies to upload educational files for new recruits or older members who are able to learn and refresh their memories. MLM softwares can also be used along with the companies’ desired websites as they provide a multitude of functions that could work along with the websites. By using a MLM software, 

In recent years, MLM has been reported to be using a scheme instead of how it is intended to be used. Even major companies like Amway were caught practicing such methods to gain profit from their naive distributors or those who are desperate for money. But, why weren’t they caught until now? It is because some of these companies exploit the law to maintain their image as a legal MLM company. In some cases, MLM companies would ask their distributors to pay more than what they are required while maintaining the legality of their business. Because of the coronavirus, the MLM business surged significantly in popularity as most people are desperate for a way to generate income. However, this led to more people exposing the schemes they experienced. 

In order to prevent more people from being deceived, some businessmen open a group page or forum to specifically warn and educate the general public about the dangers of investing into a MLM company. Although it is understandable that everyone is looking for a way to generate income even as a side hustle, it is important to know what you are getting into before it is too late.

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