What Are The Factors Influencing Your Roof Performance | Vortex

Kevin GomezJune 3, 20215min11

A roof is one of the first things we look at when we buy a home. Or even when we build a home. It is a fundamental structure of the home’s exterior and also the most expensive fundamental. We cannot skimp on the quality of the roof and its performance. Certainly gives light to why people invest in proper roof drain pipe systems and gutters for roof performance. 

In order to optimize the performance of the roof, improve the home value and ensure the roof is a good investment, we must first understand what influences the roof performance. Many different things affect the roof. Our external environment and including our actions are integral to the quality and performance of the roof. Different things react differently with the material and the strength of the roof we have invested in. So let’s take a look at some of the things that can deteriorate the roof performance. And do not despair, because the more we know the more we can find healthy solutions and preventative measures!

Weather And Roof Performance 

Weather does a lot of things to the roof. The sun, the heavy winds, heavy rainfall, storms all can have various impacts. The sun’s UV rays can easily cause the structure of the roof material to weaken over time and this has great implications for those living in the tropics. On the other hand, people living in colder and wetter climates where rain is consistent, tend to face water damages. Water can cause collapse, rot, and mildew growth that all deteriorates the performance of the roof. 

The Design And Structure 

The design of the roof plays an important role in the performance. Proper design, material, and other important fundamental of the roof, all have an impact on how it can withstand other external influences on the roof. Cheaper or low-cost roofs may not be equipped with proper roof design to withstand the effects of debris collection and sun damage. They may have mechanical issues as well as issues with the material. The repair cost can be much higher for these low-cost and ill-designed roofs. 

Installation Process 

The installation process also plays a significant role in roof performance. When the roof is properly installed with the help of qualified roof contractors, you have the assurance that the roof will last for a long time. The roofing system will not be susceptible to environmental damage and other service issues that cause serious health concerns and issues. 

Preventative And Maintenance Measures 

How well do you take care of your roof? Do you inspect it for debris and clogs and other accumulations? Do you look out for foot traffic and the effects of temperature on the roof? Do you check for potential liquid damage in the layers of the roof and other water leakage issues of the roof? All of these checkups and regular follow-up on the roof maintenance can easily make huge changes to the performance of the roof.

If you are unsure of the quality of your roof, it is easier to hire a roof consultant and other experts who can give you a proper guidance about your roof. The evaluations made by the experts may come with a huge cost but it comes with a lifetime of value and less costly repairs as well.