We Are What We Eat | Vortex

Kevin GomezJanuary 16, 20215min28

It is true, we are what we eat thus it goes without saying that if we eat healthy snacks from Malaysia, then we are healthy. However, eating healthy is one of those better said than done things. This is because there are endless temptations that surround us when it comes to food. There are tempting street foods, those yummy frozen foods, and those killer finger foods. We are well aware that eating them can cause complications in the future but still we ignore such warnings at times because of our cravings for them. 

However, if you will really vow to be healthy from now on, then you should close your eyes to these kinds of unhealthy foods and instead, focus on the foods that can make your body well and healthy like organic foods for example. We know that organic foods are pure and without any chemicals thus they are sure to be good for us. 

Below are the many benefits of eating organic foods:

  • Women are known to be facing hormonal problems and according to the experts, this can be due to their constant consumption of non-organic milk. You see, cows that are producing milk are injected with a kind of hormone so that milk will always be available for them after giving birth. And these hormones are passed to them of course through the dairy milk that they consume. Because of this, hormonal imbalance will be generated not only to the women actually but also to the men. 
  • They definitely taste better. There has been a taste testing between ordinary foods and organic foods and always the tester will end up choosing the organic foods. This is actually self-explanatory as because of the good quality of soil and plants since they are not incorporated with any toxic chemicals, there is no reason at all for them not to taste the best. 
  • They have high standards. That is right and this is even the reason why some companies will hesitate to distribute organic foods as they can’t endure the strict guidelines they need to follow with them. to be considered organic, these foods must keep up with the high standards the designated entities impose. 
  • Organic farming prevents soil erosion. We all know that soil erosion is one of the top culprits of flooding and this is due to the way do farming these days. All they think is what they can get but they do not consider the fact that they are destroying the earth. With organic farming though, this is not the case as organic farmers have high respect for the soil. 
  • And lastly, there are so many health benefits with organic foods and in fact, the fact alone that they are not incorporated with synthetic chemicals is good enough reasons to have them. they can even greatly aid in any losing weight program. For the technologies to serve you healthier and quality food, click here.

So, if you want your skin to glow, if you want to have the best type of body, you should buy only organic foods and you can buy them online.