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Top 5 Most Popular Esports Game

Video games were but a mere hobby of ours no matter how old we are. There is a diversity in genre with amazing stories of itself or puzzles to wreck your brain until you have the satisfaction of solving it, or even enjoying the virtual scenery and atmosphere that seems too real for a digital medium. In this day and age, playing video games can make a fortune or as a career. Professional players would seek esports Malaysia to compete in video game competitions for a particularly high prize.

Here are top 5 most popular esports game professional players compete against each other:

League of Legends
Founded in 2009, League of Legends (LoL for short) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where two teams are divided to rival against each other in a match on a classic MOBA map. Players have the freedom to choose out of over 150 Champions to take charge on five different roles; the top lane, the middle lane (carries the team), ADC (Attack Damage Carry), Support and Jungler. LoL is the most famous real-time strategy game where each player has to be keen in both tactics and battle to gain the upper hand over the opposing team.


The battle royale shooter concept has taken the world by storm, but Fortnite has dominated its position as all the rage – and the hype never dies down to this day. 100 players are placed in the arena, and – like the original Battle Royale – must shoot one another until there is only one left standing. Despite the game’s simple principle – kill until only one survives – the prize money is insanely high ($97 million in 655 tournaments).

Dota 2

League of Legends walk so that Dota 2 can run. The second MOBA game involves real-time strategy and two teams (five-on-five) against each other, following the same principle as LoL. Dota 2 is more tactical and less mechanical gaming, besides its pleasing graphics to the eye. There are top online casino malaysia to choose from and five playable roles to take commitment on carrying the team and lead them to victory.


If a game has a hybrid of first-person shooter and MOBA, Overwatch is the result of their alchemy. This crazed game is a lovechild of Call of Duty and League of Legends, where there are many different characters with different roles and different weapons and four different skills. With genius use of these characteristics, you can bring your rival to their knees.

Rocket League

What happens when you combine the not-so popular car games with soccer? Rocket League, a unique e-sports game has been titles by its own developers (Psyonix) as “soccer, but with rocket-powered cars.” There are two teams involved which must go head-to-head (or bumper-to-bumper) to score their goals. The cars are fun as they can fly and boost around the map. This competitive 2016 car-soccer game has a winning prize of over $350,000 which is so tempting for the contestants to flaunt their driving and sport skills.

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