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Kevin GomezFebruary 26, 20214min38

Are you a businessman thinking of opening your own office and becoming a boss of your own office, but you want to just the interior of the office to your liking that suits your needs? Or are you about to create a residential building and you want to make one of the most luxurious interior designs for your prestigious residents in the heart of Kuala Lumpur?  Well, look no further! Without looking up “architect firm near me” on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever search engine you are using, this article aims to help business companies, especially those who wish to establish soon, to choose between these three companies to make based on the ranking made by Trusted Malaysia.


Going into third place, Luxe Interior Sdn Bhd has garnered the attention of many companies as they won multiple awards for between 2020 to 2021, making them one of the most prestigious interior design companies in Malaysia. Specialized in both residential and commercial designing, Luxe Interior will ensure that your design will come to life while their clients will feel the luxurious atmosphere that they seek and more. Plus, they are also up to design kiosks for shopping malls just to make the smaller businesses you walk pass in every shopping mall more attractive. Maybe the next kiosk you see in your next trip to the mall will get you into buying a thing or two.


On second place, Brian Robert Design is an interior design company that is named by their owner who shares the same name, Brian Robert. Worked 30 years in Japan to build up his knowledge and experience for interior design, Brian Robert uses them to make any residential and hospitality areas more luxurious. Although established in 2014, Brian Robert Design has made its way up through the interior design world placing themselves number 2 behind Malaysia’s top interior design company.


And finally we have Malaysia’s best interior design company, Norm Designhaus. They have worked on multiple projects not only for office and residential areas, but they also extend their services to designing kitchens and exhibition booths making them more versatile than their competitors. They are also one of the only companies that implement the use of virtual reality in their official website as it is used to allow their clients and interested viewers to step into their project designs and conduct more detailed observations while boosting their credibility.


With the rapid increase of the population on Earth, many housing companies are quickly building more houses to more people to live with under a roof. Technology has contributed to the advancement of these developments as it helps to increase efficiency and productivity of these projects. In the future, we will see the development of augmented reality as companies are able to complete their tasks much faster and more efficiently while the common people are able to use augmented reality to have a more immersive experience of viewing past projects at the comfort of their seats at home.

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