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Kevin GomezMarch 31, 20215min40

Many raise their concerns claiming how gender equality as its terminology suggests, is applicable to both genders. While that is literally what the term refers to and it is sensible, the public has failed to pay the respect women deserve, enough to make women lose trust over their men counterparts. Though both genders go through struggles and stumbling blocks of their own in which we should never invalidate; however, women have been severely undertreated by the world, and proper awareness should be raised. Here are merely some struggles women have been given the obligation by this misogynistic world that is so double standard to go through ever since they are born : 

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“It Is Normal To Receive Stares” 

As a woman myself, I was indoctrinated by family and society regarding the concept whereby we should never blame men who give us creepy stares because they are entitled to do so with their pair of eyes, and for us, just look away and forget. Stares refer to skimming and scanning through your figure from the top to the bottom and vice versa, how could somebody be comfortable being observed that way by strangers they do not know at all? While it is everybody’s right to make use of their visual ability, that does not mean staring at somebody till they feel uncomfortable and anxious is the right thing to do. Should you want to admire somebody, peek and look away, think about how you will feel having so many pairs of eyes attached to your figure. 

“You Are Obliged To Give Birth”

Many women today have pledged beforehand not to give birth whatsoever or even getting married to someone just so they can lead an independent life without facing any sort of barrier getting in the way. That said though, the society and family members could not help but judge their capability as an alleged “strong” woman without marriage and a family of our own. While we are born with the ability to give birth, that does not give us an entire obligation, suppose it goes out of our will. We should be given the choice to decide whether giving birth to children is the best thing for us, either way, we know what is best for us. The number of pain women is put into annually just to give birth merit significant credits. Having their hormones messed up, being severely out of shape, leaking breast during pregnancy so on and so forth. Should you be going through a tough time amid your postpartum, mother care nursing product malaysia is here to help.

Bottom Line

If you happened to have lady companions in your life, make sure you treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Not saying they are fully entitled to gain respect notwithstanding their attitude as an individual, basic respect is deemed essential. Think about the number of obstructions they are pressured to stay in ever since their very existence, they did not ask for it.

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