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Kevin GomezJanuary 21, 20215min36

There was a friend who refused to hire any real estate agent to help sell the house. She tried to handle the sale of the house alone, but she found out there was so much of the process that turned out to be more complicated than she expected which she cannot seem to understand even though she had looked it up on the internet. She gave up after a few months because she simply cannot handle it alone. She eventually hired a real estate agent and the process was smooth after that. She gave advice to never attempt to sell your house by yourself unless you are a real estate agent. This is a proof that while it is undeniable that hiring real estate can be a bit costly, it would bring so much convenience to you in selling your house. These are the reasons why you need to hire a real estate agent when it comes to selling your house. 

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1 – Selling a house is real estate agent’s job

If you are not a real estate agent, you surely have a full-time job that you go to everyday for the weekdays. This means if you sell the house yourself, the time you would work on it would be your free time and your free time would only be after work and on weekends. It is a very limited time for you to handle it which can result in it being prolonged for an unnecessary amount of time. Real estate agents do this as their full-time job; thus, they can work on the process on both weekdays and weekends. Also, they are well-trained and experienced in the process so they can work fast. They know the documents needed and the path to take in terms of marketing and offering fair prices to buyers. 

2 – Get rid of unqualified buyers

When you hire a real estate agent, they would know which buyer is qualified or not to buy your house. They have the experience to know whether the buyer is seriously considering buying the house or simply just a dreamer or curious neighbour. If you do not have the experience, you would probably have a hard time differentiating between these buyers. Also, you can miss serious buyers if you are selling the house yourself. For example, if a buyer would like to look at the house on the weekdays, unless you are unemployed, then you cannot free that time to show the buyer around the house because you are at work. That can be opportunities missed. 

3 – Skill to negotiate price

Negotiating a home sale requires a specialized experience. Real estate agents have that in their bag which increase the success rate of negotiating for the perfect price. They would know the methods to avoid, the warning signs from a dishonest buyer and what card to reveal before the price negotiation. It is also possible for you to be emotional in the process of selling your house. Your emotions could probably cloud your judgement or raise your expectation of the price etc. It is possible to make poor decisions by the end of it. Thus, it is so much better to hire a real estate agent.

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