The consequences of being a phone addict | Vortex

Kevin GomezFebruary 14, 20216min32

I wish to tell you a story. I went to a shopping mall one day and as I walked, I passed by a woman who was on her phone. Her entire focus was solely on her phone and although I find that unpleasant U didn’t pay her any mind. Suddenly I saw a string tied around her wrist. I followed the string and I found that it was attached to a backpack. The one carrying that backpack was her son who was running around in excitement, touching strangers and waving at them. As soon as I realized the weight of the situation I was absolutely enraged by the mother’s careless behaviour towards her child. I truly understand if you are busy and need to attend to urgent business but you can sit down and take a short break time to do what you need to do and then continue. While you are walking with your child, the least you can do is pay attention to them and spend that precious time bonding with them. However, if the mother simply couldn’t put down her phone because she is too absorbed in insignificant things like social media, then that is absolutely horrible. At that young age, a toddler needs all the love from their parents, it is how you develop that bond but if you feel your phone is more worth your time then that is just unfortunate for your child. This article would list the three negative consequences once you become addicted to your phone. 

1- Less connected with reality

When you spend more and more time on the internet, especially social media, you would become less and less connected with reality. You spend more time with your phone than the people in your life, like your family, friends and your partner who are there physically and not only virtually. Just like the woman above, as she spent more time on her phone, she forgets her child. The risks she put not only on herself but also her child is high but addiction can make you disregard those consequences.

2- Develop a fear

Do you know there is a fear called “Nomophobia“? It is a fear where an individual experiences the feeling of panic or anxiety when they don’t have the access to their smartphones. I have a friend who told me she has withdrawal symptoms like hand tremor and anxiety when she goes out without her phone or when she’s about to go out but her phone only has 10% of battery left. She refuses to think about a world where there is no internet or smartphones because her life is centred around it. People like this will find it hard to function daily without their phone because they rely on their smartphones rather heavily. Everything is inside their phone and without they would feel lost. It is like their phone is their navigation in life and without it they wouldn’t know which way to go or which direction to take and they would find it very hard to find their way manually. 

3- Lower productivity

Those who are addicted to their phone tend to have low productivity in their life. This is because they are constantly distracted by their phone that they forget or ignore all worldly responsibility. They are isolated for hours just browsing and scrolling through entertainments on the internet that would distance themselves from their tasks. This is especially prominent in students where they don’t do their homework because they are too busy playing their phone which would then affect their study and grades negatively. Their mental health can also be affected, if they are just on their phone without being physically active. 

These three consequences are bad but please keep in mind that the internet has more pros than cons if used right and adequately. It brings such conveniences into our life due to the plethora of opportunities and information on the internet. Thus, don’t be so negative on the internet and don’t worry because Time Malaysia internet would be the solution for you.