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Kevin GomezMarch 10, 20215min32

There is a special option on your right to use the apartment. You need to be aware of them as they can have consequences for your rights as an owner. It may, for example, be that the municipality has the right to purchase your property (so-called repatriation obligation), or that you may not rebuild certain parts of the apartment.

Mutual Loan

Owners’ associations can take out joint loans, e.g. for renovations in the property. If you as a home buyer take over part of a joint loan, it will appear in the sales list. The Selayang apartment for sale is important here, instead of Desa Parkcity for rent or condo for sale Pandan Indah.


  • A document that is written between you and the seller.

It contains your names, the purchase price, any easements, as well as the date of taking over the apartment. The deed is usually prepared with the help of a lawyer.

Registration of the deed

The land registry is a public registration of your property. When you buy a home, the land registry ensures that you are actually the owner of it. It is registered online, but you should get a lawyer to help you do so, as the forms can be difficult to understand.

Legal fees

An attorney can help you review the sales list, prepare the deed and advise you through the buying process. The price varies according to how many parts of the home purchase you need help with. As a starting point, you pay.

There are many beginner traps to fall into when buying your first home. Therefore, you should prepare well before putting a signature on the purchase agreement. Preparation is everything when you buy a home especially the first time you sign a dream home. Here are 12 tips and knowledge on what to get acquainted with before you get started.

Finances: Before you go to the bank

Before you have your first meeting with the bank, you should know your finances well and have all the relevant information ready for the meeting. In addition to your salary and your job situation, the bank can, for example, ask what life you want to live as a homeowner, whether you have an expensive hobby, travel a lot, or have expensive eating habits, and ask you to estimate how much money it requires each month. 

How much you can borrow depends on your monthly salary. To ensure that you have air in the economy and do not over-lend yourself, the banks look in particular at your available amount and your debt factor.  The available amount is the amount you have left each month for food, clothes, and cinema trips, etc., after the fixed expenses for eg loans, land debt (if owner-occupied housing), insurance, possibly trade union, etc. are deducted. The higher this amount, the more you can borrow. For more related articles, click here.