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Kevin GomezMarch 11, 20214min33

Their rather average popularity is due to their increased dependence on elevators and the risks associated with fire safety. At the same time, the widest view of the surroundings opens from the apartments on the upper floors, and external sounds are reduced to zero. In the case of an apartment for sale in Puchong or a Puchong new condo, this is true

The ecology to some extent depends on the location of the apartment relative to the ground. For example, the largest share of harmful substances in the atmosphere accumulates at the level from the first to the sixth floor. If you choose a higher apartment, the air will be cleaner unless, of course, there are large factories nearby.

How to check an apartment before buying

Regardless of whether you decide to buy real estate from a developer or “from hands”, before choosing an apartment and making a deal, be sure to conduct a comprehensive check it is easier said than done, many buyers simply don’t know where to start.

How to check an apartment photo

The process of checking any apartment can be divided into two stages: an examination of documents and direct inspection, if possible. At the same time, it is better to entrust both to specialists lawyers, realtors, builders. You can check the apartment yourself if you are confident in your qualifications.

Checking an apartment in a new building

The possibility of inspecting an apartment in the case of a new building is questionable because if the house has not yet been built, it is virtually impossible to do this. But the documents should be understood and in the most thorough way. First of all, pay attention to the presence of a valid building permit, land documents (certificate of ownership or lease agreement), and be sure to read the entire project declaration. It indicates the official developer, the number and technical characteristics of all objects, including parking lots and social infrastructure, as well as their commissioning dates.


The developer must provide the main part of the documents for the apartment in electronic form on the website of the new building. The originals can be viewed on arrival at the sales office. Do not be afraid to ask for papers, this is your right on the basis of Federal Law on participation in shared construction”. In general, it is quite difficult to actually check the quality of an apartment in a new building – the final result entirely depends on the developer’s conscientiousness, so you need to focus entirely on choosing the right company.

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