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Kevin GomezFebruary 20, 20215min33

Malaysia’s Internet coverage is gradually increasing to reach more and more Malaysian regions than ever before. 20 years ago, internet coverage in Malaysia barely reached the city areas and those that were wealthy enough to afford internet at the moment. The coverage was very poor and the speeds were incredibly slow. At the time, those who were fortunate enough to enjoy the internet could browse the world wide web at a sluggish rate, and those that were not lucky enough to own the home internet could only enjoy radio, television, film, and book entertainment.


As the internet infrastructure in Malaysia began to grow and become quicker and more available, internet coverage expanded from a small area in the city to more and more Malaysian communities. The service areas are increasingly rising to become the broad internet coverage region it is now. The Internet coverage expanded with more and more individuals buying these internet services while having access to high-speed internet, as well as internet packages coming at lower rates and higher speeds. The numerous internet coverages in Malaysia including fibre optic coverage and even cell network coverage will be addressed in this post.

As for fiber optic coverage, we will be addressing the TM Unifi coverage that first began in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley in small areas. Before the imminent extension of the fiber internet until Seremban in Negeri Sembilan’s latest expansion. With the implementation of restricted areas in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley, Unifi fiber Internet was first introduced in 2011. From its first launch, it began to be advertised as the fastest internet in Malaysia at comparatively expensive prices. As the years went on, the rates gradually declined, encouraging more people to afford Unifi fibre internet. Over the years, internet access has also grown as more and more communities and areas like big cities have gained Unifi coverage. There were also proposals for Unifi to extend its scope to include other nations, including Perak, Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. Their extension activities were successful and delivered Unifi fiber internet to thousands of individuals who were using the very sluggish Streamyx.


We have discussed home internet coverage, now it’s time to address the other portion of Malaysia’s internet coverage. Coverage of mobile networks. To say the least, the mobile network coverage in Malaysia is spotty. Malaysia’s mobile network coverage is not so good, with the highest signal coverage being mostly found in accessible parts of the city and residents moaning about the signal quality in some houses. While at the moment the strongest mobile network signal in Malaysia is 4G, some individuals argue that this is not enough. Some users have used 5mbps or even 1mbps of 4G networks! In Malaysia, this is insufficient speeds from 4G networks. Most of the time, though, the network signal will be sufficient enough to run at speeds up to 80mbps as expected. The latest mobile network upgrade, 5G, will soon be delivered to Malaysia. That will be up to 5 times faster than 4G with 5G data network rates and the range will be increased from 4G.


In conclusion, since the day Malaysia got the internet, TM unifi internet coverage in Malaysia has been increasing and is steadily growing to reach more and more rural areas. For more articles like this one, click here.