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Kevin GomezMarch 20, 20215min50

The importance of education

Education is one of the basic needs of every human being whether rich or poor, male or female. It is a human right that no one can take away from it. Or it is the guarantor of progress for society. It is this education that causes the growth and decline of nations. Education is the adornment that beautifies the character of man. If you look at everything in the world, it decreases by sharing, but education is a wealth that does not decrease by sharing but increases, and man is given the status of noble creatures because of education. It is permissible to get education in every religion. It is obligatory to get education in Islam and other religions of the world. In today’s turbulent and fast-paced world, the need for education is very important no matter how much time progresses. 

Although today is the age of computers, the age of nuclear development, the age of science and industrial development, the acquisition of basic modern education, technical education, engineering, advocacy, medicine and various modern sciences in schools is an essential requirement of today’s age. At the same time, religious education is important in its own right. At the same time, moral education is very important for man’s friendship with humanity. Due to this education, godliness, worship, love, sincerity, selflessness, service in life. Emotions of people, loyalty and empathy are awakened. Moral education creates a virtuous and virtuous society.

The technology of anime

Nowadays, new technologies have appeared that have helped people perform their tasks well. Our lifestyle has really changed along with the changes in technology. People’s hobbies have also changed; this is largely seen in the growing population of what we might call otakus. In the western part of the world, this term refers to people who are fans of anime and manga. In Japan, however, this term is somewhat considered a negative way of labeling someone. For the Japanese, otaku are the ones who are obsessed with anime, manga and video games to the point that some of them never go out and socialize with other people. Some of these otaku prefer to lock themselves in their rooms. Anime and manga have also led some people, mostly teenagers, to dress up and act as their favourite anime / video game character.

Anime app for kids

San Francisco Google has developed an exciting app for kids to add their own animation characters to a video and record their voices. Children over the age of three can now add their own form to various stories by downloading the ‘Tone Testic 3D’ app without spending any money and can become a part of them by recording their voice. In this way they can be included in cartoons based on children’s stories. This app guides children in their role.

With the help of these apps, children can learn their lesson effectively. Apart from these apps, if you are in Malaysia, and looking for any best anime merchandise store, then check this out right now. Which are having amazing items of anime merchandise for kids.

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