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Kevin GomezMarch 11, 20214min32

Find out how much the deed of sale of your home will cost you when using the services of a real estate agency, the checks described can be carried out through the agency itself, but in the case of direct purchase it will be necessary to proceed personally, preferably with the help of the notary office that will have to take care of the deeds of purchase and sale and mortgage. Then you can opt for the wonderful condo in klang.

In addition to the basic controls already described, there are other aspects, often overlooked, which should be paid attention to:

The state of maintenance of the building or the defects of its structure may require interventions in the near future, the costs of which would fall on the buyer, increasing the cost of the operation. This possibility should be excluded by requesting information from the condominium administrator, in order to be able to take into account the cost of any planned interventions in the negotiation with the seller;

It is advisable to be assisted by a surveyor, architect or engineer in the visit to the condo for rent in klang, in order to detect any violations of the building regulations.

The seller must guarantee that the apartment for sale klang is free from defects that could compromise its intended use. We remind you that within one year from the purchase it is possible to plead serious defects of the property concealed in bad faith by the seller at the time of the sale and that in this case the buyer has the right to request the termination of the contract or the reduction of the price. In the event of the purchase of a new apartment, the manufacturer’s guarantee on hidden defects not detectable at the time of purchase will have duration of two years (ten years in the event of defects in the load-bearing structures of the building).

The purchase proposal

The purchase proposal is the most important phase of the negotiation, as its signature by the seller binds the bidder to proceed with the purchase at the agreed price.

The proposal is presented in writing and accompanied by a deposit check made out to the owner, the amount of which is generally between 5 and 10% of the value of the property. Within a set time, the seller must communicate the rejection or full acceptance of the proposal, which takes place in writing or through the real estate agency. Acceptance of the offer is the condition for proceeding with the signing of the preliminary sale agreement.

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