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Kevin GomezMarch 10, 20214min31

Trying to buy a property without the assistance of a broker is a big mistake. Yes, you might think that you will be able to save money doing so, but trust me, that is never the case, especially if you are a first-time buyer. In fact, it would be a costly mistake. 

Well, we all know that the real estate industry is not totally clean. And not all brokers are clean as well. as a matter of fact, there are so many myths about them as some buyers and sellers assume that they are bad news. But mind you, it is called myths for a reason and that is because they are not true.

So, what are these myths? Check this out:

  • They are all the same

This is an obvious myth as not all people are the same, no matter the profession. As a matter of fact, even siblings are not similar in all ways. Brokers are no different. While there are lousy brokers, there are also good ones. And when you say good ones, they can be really useful when you are looking for a property and planning to buy one. 

  • They make a lot of money

Obviously, this is not true. Yes, there are some of them who are good in their craft and thus, they earn a lot. The thing with agents is they live on commission. That means that if they are good, they can make a lot of money also. 

  • It is best to hire the agent that is assigned of the property

This is another obvious myth as when you will hire the broker assigned to the property, it means that the seller is his client and of course, his loyalty will be to the seller. How can he effectively bargain for the price when he is relying for the seller to give him the commission? He can only do whatever the seller wishes. So, if you want a broker that will be working for you, you should be hiring one separately. This way, you can be sure that he will be working for you. 

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