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Kevin GomezApril 26, 20215min30

There are two options for those who want to take an undergraduate degree in Information Technology (IT): the technological course, which lasts 2 years, and the baccalaureate, which lasts 4 years. Both are offered in person and distance.

It is difficult to imagine today a company that does not need technology to carry out its activities. From the neighborhood bakery to the aircraft manufacturing industry, almost every type of company needs technology to organize and process information.

About the Information Technology course

The Information Technology course, also known as Information Technology Management (in the case of technological graduation) focuses on the managerial aspects of technology, that is: the methods, tools and processes of security and organization of information in computational means, electronic and digital.

The curricular matrix of the course includes subjects in the areas of Computer Science, Administration, Mathematics and Information Science. The student learns about computerized infrastructure (computers and equipment) and information systems (software and applications).

It also learns to identify the needs of the company with regard to computerizing its processes. It is capable of planning the entire infrastructure to be implemented and also the information system that will be used.

In addition to planning, the student receives training in the areas of software development, databases and process modeling.

Most disciplines combine theory and practice. Thus, as the student learns the concepts of Information Technology, he already puts them into practice by developing his own systems.

Job market for those who do Information Technology

The Information Technology sector has been quite heated for years and is growing steadily. A survey conducted shows that 80% of companies will maintain or increase IT spending in 2015. In addition, a career in IT appears every year in surveys on rising professions and there is a lack of trained professionals to meet the growing demand for IT.

The information technology professional can work as a self-employed person, in private companies, public agencies or the third sector.

Among the main activities that this professional performs, we mention some:

  • Develops and manages database.
  • Manages computer networks.
  • Plans and develops software.
  • Plans and implements a company’s technological infrastructure.
  • Plans the structure of IT services.
  • Develops and maintains e-commerce systems.
  • Controls the flow of information.
  • Creates programs to perform specific company tasks.
  • Performs tests to ensure software quality.
  • It takes care of the security of the information.

Provides technical support to ensure the correct functioning of equipment and software.

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