• Introducing a cup of juice to the daily diet prevents deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
  • Due to drinking juices, we can easily expand our menu of products that are consumed less frequently or less (eg . Parsley, kohlrabi etc.).
  • Juices obtained with a slow juicer retain all the essential vitamins and enzymes, they are also the source of many phyto-components.
  • Drinking juice is an important part of prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Juices support digestion and cleansing of the body of unnecessary and toxic substances.

JUICE from juicer or slow juicer?


1000 rev/min
  • lower content of vitamins, minerals,
    enzymes and fiber
  • vegetables and fruits have contact with metal shield
  • overheating of collagen fibers (1000 rev/min)
  • oxygenation of juice (oxidation)
  • change of the juice colour (browning)
  • delamination of the juice
    to water and sediment
  • short date of expiration
  • increased amount of waste
  • the need to cut vegetables and fruits into pieces
  • the product is loud and ineffective

Due to the wide inlet of slow juicer Vortex we can put inside whole fruits and vegetables, which enables quick and easy preparation of natural fruit and vegetable juices, rich in vitamin to ensure the well-being and energy for the day.

With the help of the slow juicer VORTEX you can make a healthy and natural juice of apples, oranges, mangoes and many other fruits and vegetables. Juice keeps all the valuable vitamins and have a taste of real fruit. Just turn on the device and put the fruits without cutting. The power of the device enables grinding even hard vegetables to obtain juice.

The device we offer, produces juices which are nutritious and thick, they keep all the essential vitamins, enzymes and microelements. Unlike our slow juicer, grinding shields of the ordinary squeezers rotates at high speed and produce too much heat, which damage the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. The juice obtained from traditional juicer is therefore virtually worthless.

The juice can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container up to 72 hours, and the nutrients are preserved.

Additionally, the juice will not change as fast flavor and color and does not delaminate like in the case of juice prepared in conventional juice extractor.

Our squeezer was produced from material free of bisphenol and is therefore completely safe for children's health.