Terms of warranty for the VORTEX slowjuicer ACE-001

  1. VORTEX provides warranty for the device slow juicer Vortex for 10 years (with the exception of vessels and containers, silicone gaskets, rubber).
  2. The company VORTEX ensures to cover cost of delivery of the device on Polish territory.
  3. The length of the warranty period is counted from the date of purchase shown on the invoice or other proof of purchase.
  4. To use the warranty, the Customer must sent to the seller a copy of proof of purchase - invoice or receipt and original warranty card along with the slow juicer.
  5. A faulty device will be repaired within 14 days of the delivery to the headquarters of VORTEX (80-298 Gdańsk ul. Radiowa 30A).
  6. Warranty does not cover damage caused by: - improper use or storage, - getting fluids into electrical installations or foreign body, - the use of unsuitable cleaning products which are not suitable for parts made of plastic - sudden random events (fire, flood) - using the device for purposes other than intended, - repairs and modifications done by the user or other unauthorized persons.
  7. Changes in color, discoloration, abrasions, scratches or cracks on the top housing and working parts are not covered by the warranty.
  8. In case of damage seals factory or interference in the internal systems by unauthorized persons, we can not offer guarantees.
  9. If the warranty card is filled illegible, wrong, or by unauthorized person, the card is invalid.
  10. The costs of unjustified complaints at the full amount will be covered by the customer.
  11. Shipping costs in case of withdrawal from the contract within 10 days from the date of signing, shall be covered by the Customer.
  12. To take advantage of the guarantee, a complaint should be first filed by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by telephone (+48 583 423 050 pm. 8-17 working days). Also methods of delivery must be agreed before shipment.
  13. For the purposes of shipping in the event of a complaint, the device should be carefully packed.
  14. In matters not covered by these warranty terms, the relevant rules of the Civil Code and the Law on support of consumer rights should be applied. On March 2, 2000.