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Kevin GomezApril 21, 20215min24

Social media plays a huge role in our life. Whether it is our business or our personal life, it plays an equally powerful role in both parts of life. Our work-life also requires a certain amount of networking on social media. It does not matter if we are part of a metal roofing Malaysia company or a part of an influencer team. We all need social media to watch how our careers and personal life unfold. 

But the biggest problem of today’s time is people are unaware of how to make the best of social media. 

Social media can be both a weapon and a deadly killer. A weapon that helps us progress in our character development and career. A deadly killer is when it kills our productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. Social media is also seen to have many negative impacts on our bodies and health. People are reportedly having lower confidence destroyed self-esteem as a result of social media. 

Many highlight the root cause for their eating disorders, mood disorders, and depression to be caused by prolonged use of social media. Constantly comparing ourselves with one another on social media pushes us to a very dark place, mentally. 

But all hope is not lost for social media. There are so many different ways we can use social media. Different ways that are proven to make our life mor productive. It can help us stay efficient, relevant, and productive, all in one. 

So what are some of the tips we should keep in mind? 

Networking For A Good Purpose 

Networking is very important. Especially in a pandemic. Networking will help you develop credibility in the long run. It will also give you assurance and stability in a world where nothing is fixed. While people cannot fulfill all our needs, having good contacts and keeping in touch with different varieties of people will keep us relevant, engaged, and connected to opportunities. 

Use Your Platform To Raise Awareness

A few years ago we would not have been able to raise awareness unless we get on the street. Social media has made it easier for us to be more vocal about our opinions, and it is easier for us to raise issues and concerns we have. Social media made it easier for us to break myths, find out truths, prevent corruption and empower women and men. A lot has been accomplished as a result of social media. The black lives matter movement is a prime example of how social media was used to raise awareness and change the world for the better. If you are a social media user yourself, you should think about how you can be an active member of society who can make an impact using social media.

Preach About What You Love

We all have something we love. A little something we are passionate about. When we are passionate about something, it is important to work for it and express it. Social media is a great place to show your authentic passionate side. There are thousands ready to support you and help you grow. You can also inspire and teach other people based on the topics and subjects you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. 

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