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Kevin GomezApril 14, 20214min33

This article is dedicated to all strong women out there who own a pair of breasts and go all out to make sure they are in good shape. Let us all be honest here, owning a pair of those is not the easiest mission to accomplish because they enlarge and shrink as they wish; and they are simply in the way, obstructing us to get things done smoothly. If you do not apprehend this, it is either you do not have breasts or have yet to reach that extent where you sincerely wish to not have them at all. No matter how much we wish they could be more corporate, it is still important to take good care of them so they are in the best shape possible and still be able to function as they should be. Here are some steps you can consider following. 

Wear Suitable Lingeries 

Once our physique is somewhat matured, we start wearing lingerie, it could be a bra, sports bra, or inner; either way, they have to be in the most suitable size to provide comfort while supporting our breasts. One common mistake many found themselves guilty of is none other than forcing themselves to fit into that one tight bra to make their cleavage increase its prominence. Not denying it, I myself am a frequent offender of this. While we focus on aesthetic purposes, it is crucial that we be concerned about our wellbeing. Wearing lingerie that is too tight for our body restricts our breathing, it suffocates us because it is as if our body is being tied up by a huge rope in which we need to tolerate for as long as we are wearing it. It is therefore important to wear the right size of lingeries that at the same time can still support our breasts while we are out and about. 

Massage Your Breasts Frequently 

No matter if you see it or not, our breasts are still growing, more common than you think they actually do. To promote growth, especially to those who wish to upsize, do some massages for your breasts for effective stimulation. Even as simple as rubbing it with your hands will do. Breast massages are also very important for pregnant mothers to boost lactation. In case of leakages, consider using some nursing pads to prevent the mess. We do not want to wake up with our pajamas full of breast milk. 


Breasts are a part of our body that requires to be cleaned thoroughly. Clean both the surface and the under areas thoroughly to remove gunks. This does not take you a full one hour to complete, just remember to do it while you are taking a shower. Plus, special cleansing products are not required, just soap and water will do wonders.

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