How to Purchase and Download Games | Vortex

Kevin GomezMarch 24, 20214min34

Another kind of media that most of us enjoy is video games. The video game industry has now surpassed the movie and music industries in terms of exponential growth! With about $180 billion in total sales expected by the end of 2020, video games are clearly becoming a big deal for many. Video games are the most popular pastime among a vast number of people. When you work for one of the forex trading brokers indonesia, it’s also a perfect place to unwind. But, if you want to buy video games but don’t want to leave the building, how do you do it?


If you’re a parent with a child who loves playing games and wants to purchase one for them, you may be asking the same question. Thankfully, this article will help you address the issue. There are a number of places where you can buy video games. Some are legitimate stores, while others are shady or even pirated. However, most of these stores need you to go outside and purchase the video games at their actual location. If you don’t want to go outside, particularly during this global pandemic that has devastated the entire planet, we recommend staying at home and purchasing your video games from digital retailers.


It doesn’t really matter where you play video games when there are so many internet marketplaces to choose from. There are still interactive marketplaces devoted to the particular device, whether it’s on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or even Nintendo Switch. There’s the PlayStation Store if you’re using a PlayStation 4, the Microsoft Store if you’re using an Xbox or PC, and the Nintendo eShop if you’re using a Nintendo Switch. For those who prefer Computer gaming, there are a slew of various marketplaces where you can purchase and play all of your PC games, like Steam, GOG, Ubisoft Connect, Awesome Games Shop, and a slew of others.


Many of these online digital marketplaces have a similar method for purchasing and downloading games. You browse for a certain video game title you want to buy, add it to your shopping cart or press buy now, enter the related banking information, such as a credit or debit card, validate your order, and the video game is now added to your digital catalogue, and you can own it forever. Other payment options exist for people that do not want their personal financial records stored on these marketplaces’ servers, such as gift cards, which can be bought individually from any store that offers these physical cards. You can use your PayPal account to buy games on certain marketplaces.


Ultimately, no matter what console or system you’re using, there are a plethora of digital storefronts from which you can buy and stream video games. There is no better argument to purchase and download your video games online rather than going to your local officially licenced video game store, particularly when online technology advances every day.