How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life | Vortex

Kevin GomezMay 26, 20215min22

If you’ve ever had sex before, I’m sure you’ve had good sex, not so good sex and sometimes great sex. It’s always a hit or miss, especially when you’re doing it with different partners. However, there is a way to ensure that you have great sex every single time. One of the things that always succeeds at spicing up anyone’s sex life is introducing sex toys to the relationship. Sex toys Malaysia like vibrators, anal plugs or dildos can be used for stimulation during foreplay or even enhance stimulation during intercourse. Getting sex toys will definitely help out and you could even get them as a gift for your partner. Other than that, here are a few simple and doable tips to help you have great sex every single time:

Be Comfortable And Confident

Being comfortable means to equally give consent to one another, acknowledging what is going to happen and what is going to be done. For instance, if your partner makes a move without you knowing, it would most probably make you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is the gateway to not getting aroused. Thus, you and your partner should have an agreement beforehand of what either of you likes or dislikes so that whatever you do to each other afterwards is welcomed and you feel comfortable with each other. 

Being confident on the other hand will actually help you achieve orgasm better. You have to acknowledge that you are worthy of pleasure and not just any pleasure but great pleasure. Be confident in your body, of what you’re doing and how you are responding. This will allow you to release much easier and it would feel much better.

Be Spontaneous

When you’ve already talked to your partner about what either of you likes or dislikes, it makes it easier for both of you to be spontaneous throughout the duration of the relationship because you already know what one another likes. Being spontaneous, aside from getting sex toys, is one of the hottest forms of foreplay. The excitement and adrenaline that could build in you due to the suddenness can contribute to better intercourse and better orgasms too. Thus, once in a while, take that risk and be spontaneous. Being spontaneous will also show your partner how much you think about them and desire them which will make your partner feel much better, especially after a long day.

Throw Norms Out The Window

There are always going to be the people who have sex by the book or by what they see in movies. But hey, all of that gets boring over time. To prevent your relationship from getting boring, throw all those sex norms out the window after a while and refresh. Start with something new that neither you nor your partner has ever tried before. It has to be something that you’re both comfortable with trying, though. Trying new things can be scary and risky but you will never truly know if you would like it or not without actually trying first. Some of the things you could try are BDSM, anal and as mentioned before, introducing sex toys to the relationship.