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Kevin GomezApril 13, 20214min31

Galvanized material gutter Malaysia systems have been very popular for over 40 years. Of course, since then many more efficient alternatives have appeared for this material, but scientists have found a way to improve the performance of galvanized products and thereby restore their former popularity and demand.

The advantages of these systems made of protected materials are:

  1. High sound insulation. The water flowing over the ground hardly produces a characteristic noise.
  2. The ability to maintain color saturation.
  3. High resistance to corrosive factors. By producing separate elements, the cover is made by special materials interfering with the development of rust and raid
  4. Resistance to sudden temperature changes.
  5. Immunity to light and medium mechanical stresses.
  6. The low price of the material.
  7. Low weight, facilitating transport and installation of the system.

Unlike all of the advantages listed above, there is only one, but a rather significant minus – the processing of the system is very time-consuming. To maintain the proper condition, it is often necessary to tint individual elements, clean, and remove minor defects.


Installation guide

The whole installation process consists of several steps.

Roof preparation. This procedure is carried out as follows: the marking is applied, the supporting gutters are mounted, the required suspension slope is set, the funnels and gutters are connected, individual pipes are attached to each other.

Installation of fasteners. Most often carried out on rafter feet and before fixing the roof covering. As fixing agents, you can use brackets that should be fixed directly to the rafter.

Installation of the horizontal part of the drain. Here are the next steps:

Installation of the vertical part of the drain.

Pipes designed to drain water along the walls should be attached to the brackets. In turn, they consist of special clamps that will hold the pipe and brackets mounted in the wall. You can use a large nail or a metal plate with thick screws.

Drainage protection against mechanical damage. Although galvanized material is quite reliable, it can easily be damaged by debris falling down the drain: branches, small stones, broken pieces of building material. In order to prevent foreign bodies from entering the pipes, it is necessary to install a protective grid produced in standard sizes and suitable for practically all sizes of pipes.

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