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Get To Know Your Diver Certificates

In the world of scuba diving, divers in-training spend one week worth of training and diving to familiarize themselves with multiple concepts that may save themselves from life-or-death situations such as decompression sickness. By the end of the course, divers are eligible to obtain their open water diver certification and are able to further their career path depending on which agency their training facility is associated with and obtaining benefits from the type of certificate as well. To a diver, obtaining a certificate from Professional Association of Diving Instructor, or PADI, is the most sought after opportunity to further progress their career as a diver as it is the most prestigious agency for divers. But, what other diver-related agencies exist that we may not know of and what is the difference between some of them?

As mentioned before, PADI has is the most prestigious and sought after agency to receive a certificate from as it indicates that the diver is eligible to teach about diving while also enabling them to create a business for teaching diving lessons which makes them affiliated with PADI automatically and attracts more divers to their business. Scuba Schools International, or SSI, is usually compared to PADI as it is the 2nd most prestigious diving agency. What is different about SSI is that it focuses on opening schools and hiring instructors to teach divers while keeping the instructors up-to-date with new knowledge and teaching methods compared to PADI instructors who are independent. They also have a reward system for divers called Diver cards which provides divers more recognition with the minimum requirement of taking open water diver training.

The National Association of Underwater Instructors, or NAUI, is known to be more knowledgeable in their diving techniques and have better scientific understanding than other agencies which appeals to marine biology-related fields, but they were not as popular as before when SSI took over the it’s spot as number 2. The Rebreather Association of International Divers (RAID) is known to be more technical with their teaching methods as they purely use digital methods to teach their divers instead with no physical copies of their lessons. It also introduced buoyancy control as part of the course instead of adding it as an additional package to learn. Unlike other agencies, divers under RAID are required to learn theory before diving and their diving lessons are longer than the others. Finally, the British Sub-Aqua Club, or BSAC, is the largest diving agency in the U.K.. The BSAC is unique as it emphasizes socializing with other members while holding diving lessons. Divers under this agency are required to pay 32 Great British Pound (GBP), or RM 177.66 to advance their progress which includes manuals and materials.

As a diver, it is important to know these major diving agencies as they affect their credential depending on their career path. While scuba packages malaysia will aim for PADI, SSI, RAID and BSAC to further their career path in diving while divers who wish to further their career path as a marine biologist should should receive a certificate under NAUI.

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