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Kevin GomezApril 12, 20214min37

There are billions of people on social media. Each and every social media. We have youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and a number of others that are yet to be discovered. Despite having billions of people on one platform, getting their attention is overwhelming.

Businesses find themselves hopeful with the overwhelming presence of billions, yet having no idea how to gain traction. Posting content and videos are only useful when there are people to cater to right. People to consume the information, people to educate you and for you to educate, and people to share and spread word of mouth about your business. So how can a business get these people? How can businesses create a loyal fan base on social media?

Before strategizing the content to get attention or loyalty, we need to figure out our target market on social media. This is not only a priority supported by literature but this is what most social media and marketing in Malaysia also do. You cannot carry a social media campaign or strategy without knowing who your target audience is.

Obtain A Demographic Profile
Whether our business is online or offline we need a demographic profile of our target audience. The profile must fit with the brand message and the branding purpose. What is our branding for and who is it for. A demographic profile is more or less something similar to the following example.

Old Spice is a beauty brand for men encompassing male grooming products such as deodorants, body washes, and so on. Their target market has switched from people who catered to our grandfathers to young people.

Their target demographic profile goes like this:
“Ahmed is a 30-year-old marketer, residing in the hot tropical climate and has two little children. He is a loving husband to his wife Sarah who is also 30 years old just like him. Ahmed enjoys things like basketball, Superbowl, music, and travel. He deems himself as sophisticated and enjoys grooming. He is an individual willing to splurge on his appearance and enjoy shopping for good clothes. His hobbies also include staying active, investing in good skincare, hair care and overall maintains his figure and health”

A basic storyline encompassing all the demographic points such as age, location, lifestyle, and gender can help you nail down your target audience. Old spice’s target market is men and women age 18-34 and they include women as well since women do most of their shopping. Their big viral marketing campaign was also targeted towards women with an attractive man at the front of their campaign.

Use social media listening And Research Your Competitors Social Media

Your competitors are also likely using the same demographic profile and they are also targeting the same people you aim to target. You may not need to target each and every one of the followers on competitors’ pages but you can take insights from their following’s list.
With social media listening, you can amplify what you observe. Social media listening tells you what the world is saying about your brand. You can use these insights to understand who is the target market and who is not.

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