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Kevin GomezMarch 16, 20215min34

These are varied situations, investigate and try to understand: it is obvious that a property in a central and well-kept area will have no difficulty in populating itself recently in a short time while a property in an already decaying area is more likely to collapse or be demolished if, in addition to external conditions, internal ones are also very bad.

Not sure how to invest?

Find out what investor you are. It takes you 3 minutes to find the best strategy for you. It starts now with the damansara utama property for rent.

Buying from a real estate agency, private individuals or the builder?

We assume that buying a house from a private individual has advantages, starting from the absence of commissions to be paid to the real estate agency, which however allows us to save time and guide us in the selection of homes that could be right for us. In short, what should be done? Let’s see together the advantages by analyzing the three possible hypotheses.

Buying a house from an agency: pros

Let’s now analyze what are all the possible advantages and disadvantages of buying a damansara utama condo for sale from an agency. The first advantage we want to tell you about is that the agency carries out strict checks on the property before putting it up for sale. In fact, it checks the cadastral data, the presence of any mortgages and any other information that excludes future “possible surprises” that can slow down or compromise the sale. However, we must also tell you that not all agencies follow this process and many do not carry out checks, delegating the management of any problems to the buyer.

The agency makes a correct evaluation of the condo for rent damansara utama in relation to what are the market prices: this is important because a value of the property is attributed without disproportionate price increases. Also not to be underestimated is the possibility of saving on the cost of the notary: many agencies have agreements or relationships of trust with notary firms. In this way you can save a sum that can sometimes make a difference.

We come now to the cons

There is certainly the cost of the agency commission which usually fluctuates from 2 to 4% of the price of the property. This is a figure that can be quite high which affects the final cost of the property significantly.

The Right Purchase

The purchase through an agency places a sort of separation between the buyer and the seller and there is hardly the possibility of confronting each other to understand what the real reasons are that prompted the owner to put the property up for sale. This is an aspect not to be overlooked because the sale of a property can be dictated by structural problems of the apartment or condominium that you will hardly be able to perceive if you do not compare yourself with the owner.

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