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Kevin GomezMarch 17, 20215min41

Malaysia is the birthplace of some of the most amazing coral reefs you can find on this green earth. This has made Malaysia one of the top destinations for most tourists to go to when they want to try their hand at diving. This has also made Malaysia one of the best places to try and obtain your diving license. People normally do this because they want to firstly obtain their diving license while visiting the various dive spots available here in Malaysia. Since there are so many of them available here most people always have a hard time deciding exactly where they should get their diving license. We decided to write this article for the sole purpose of covering all the bases and helping people make an informed decision on where they should get their diving license. It’s also important to note that all of the dive sites that are mentioned here are PADI certified so you know that the education you’re getting from them is top notch.

Borneo Dream 

Borneo dream is one of the oldest diving establishments that you can find in malaysia. It’s been operating out of Borneo, Sabah for the longest time and it provides one of the best professional and trustworthy services ever since they opened their doors. It’s a 2-3 day course depending on your schedule. You can actually schedule your dives and lesson in order to first suit your scheduling needs. They will also provide you with a full set of the scuba gear for the remainder of your trip. This even includes your personal dives that you will want to go on once you’re more comfortable during your trip. They will also provide you with lunch during your 3 day trip and their lunches can taste really good because they normally get the freshest catch of the day as they do their own fishing by themselves. One of the things you can also guarantee from Borneo dream is the utmost professional service. They’ve been doing this a long time and they can help you with any issue when you go to them. You won’t really find more scuba diving lessons in Malaysia that offer these services.

 Anti Gravity Divers

Anti gravity divers are just one of those businesses that exude positive energies as soon as you meet them at the pick-up point. Anti gravity divers opened up their 2nd diving school in perhentian in 2015 after opening their first diving school in thailand. You can expect pretty much the same agenda from Borneo dream for Anti gravity divers. But the one thing that sets them apart from the Borneo dream is the fact that most of the divers are younger and are easier to relate to learn from if you’re younger too.

Hopefully after reading this article, you or anyone else that’s having problems making up your mind about which diving school to join will have your doubts relieved. There are definitely many other diving schools out there that probably offer the same services but you can be rest assured that once you join either of these diving schools, You’ll receive nothing but the best service.

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