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Very high speed” does not really have a technical definition, the notion of “very high” being unencrypted. It is above all a trade name. As ADSL technology is commonly referred to as “high speed”, it is now common to refer to “very high speed” technologies that allow speeds greater than those of ADSL. In general, these are cable or fiber optic connections giving access to speeds ranging from 30 Mbit / s to 1 Gbit / s (1000 mbit / s). To really know what speed you have access to depending on where you live, you must perform an ADSL and Unifi Malaysia eligibility test. To know the current speed of your internet connection, you can use the speed test.

What technologies are used for very high speed?

In September 2019, ARCEP counted 10.6 million “very high speed” subscriptions (over 30 megabits) in France spread over 3 types of networks. The main very high-speed network is optical fiber to the home (FTTH) with more than 6.3 million subscribers at the end of 2019, mainly at Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues Telecom. VDSL2 is the second “THD” technology that achieves a speed ranging from 25 to 95 Mbit / s in 3.1 million homes. Finally, the third very high speed technology is cable (FTTLa) with 1.2 million subscribers almost all at SFR. To find out if your place of residence is connected to a very high speed network, you must carry out an eligibility test with your postal address.

Unifi Malaysia

Need a phone plan?

Most Internet service providers offer bundles that combine Internet phone, Internet TV, or all three (triple play).

Is the offer available to you? Before subscribing to an Internet package, you must determine if optical fiber or ADSL is available in your home. This can usually be done over the phone when signing up for an Internet plan.

How much does the plan cost per month?

How long am I engaged in this plan? Remember to check if there is an early termination fee if you change your mind or want to change providers.




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With the new phases and lockdowns come new dawn in the world of the real estate market. The world has suffered the effects of covid 19. However, real estate suffered anything but a boom during the pandemic. Fueled by the various consequences of the lockdown, there was an incredible surge in the global housing market. 


Currently, many millennials are reaching their perfect age and financial state to buy residential homes in various parts like Hulu Langat, and Mutiara Damansara. People are stricken with the need for a change in lifestyle amidst the pandemic. From eating habits to goods consumption, lives completely changed. 

Despite the number of people being laid off work and left jobless, it didn’t stop the global housing market from making some noise during the pandemic. It was likely that many rushed to join the competition and sales because of the pandemic. The demand and supply in the urban areas compared to the rural areas were even more significant as people changed their life from urban to rural. These changes in the real estate market are not made by one or two factors by several at hand. Let’s take a look at various influences and key factors of the market that make all the ups and downs. 


Changing demographics in society plays a great role in the real estate market. The number of people who are millennials, baby boomers, Gen Z is important to real estate agents. Demographics not only coverage but also things like race, income, and population. It depends on the number of people living in rural areas compared to urban areas and the way people are moving in between these. The demographic changes in the area have a great potential for the real estate market and its boom and crash.  



What is the economy like? Are we currently in a recession? And how does this change the real estate market? Usually a healthy economy leads to a very healthy and moving real estate market. A good economy is an indicator of how many people are productive and earning in the community. It shows the value of the goods produced in the country and how people deal with consuming goods in the current time. Are things too expensive and therefore driving even the prices on the housing market? Real estate and a good economy go hand in hand so we must understand the relevance of both! 


Politics And Government 

The government decides on the type of subsidies, taxes, and loans that apply to the citizens. What incentive systems you have, or what you need to pay are all changed by the government policies and it is important to pay attention to every one of them. 

When buying a home whether it is in Hulu Langat or anywhere across Malaysia, it is important to consider factors that increase and decrease the prices in the housing market. What will increase the value of your home? How can you buy a good home and when should you buy it? These answers can be understood using the given indicators and rivers of the real estate market.


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A roof is one of the first things we look at when we buy a home. Or even when we build a home. It is a fundamental structure of the home’s exterior and also the most expensive fundamental. We cannot skimp on the quality of the roof and its performance. Certainly gives light to why people invest in proper roof drain pipe systems and gutters for roof performance. 

In order to optimize the performance of the roof, improve the home value and ensure the roof is a good investment, we must first understand what influences the roof performance. Many different things affect the roof. Our external environment and including our actions are integral to the quality and performance of the roof. Different things react differently with the material and the strength of the roof we have invested in. So let’s take a look at some of the things that can deteriorate the roof performance. And do not despair, because the more we know the more we can find healthy solutions and preventative measures!

Weather And Roof Performance 

Weather does a lot of things to the roof. The sun, the heavy winds, heavy rainfall, storms all can have various impacts. The sun’s UV rays can easily cause the structure of the roof material to weaken over time and this has great implications for those living in the tropics. On the other hand, people living in colder and wetter climates where rain is consistent, tend to face water damages. Water can cause collapse, rot, and mildew growth that all deteriorates the performance of the roof. 

The Design And Structure 

The design of the roof plays an important role in the performance. Proper design, material, and other important fundamental of the roof, all have an impact on how it can withstand other external influences on the roof. Cheaper or low-cost roofs may not be equipped with proper roof design to withstand the effects of debris collection and sun damage. They may have mechanical issues as well as issues with the material. The repair cost can be much higher for these low-cost and ill-designed roofs. 

Installation Process 

The installation process also plays a significant role in roof performance. When the roof is properly installed with the help of qualified roof contractors, you have the assurance that the roof will last for a long time. The roofing system will not be susceptible to environmental damage and other service issues that cause serious health concerns and issues. 

Preventative And Maintenance Measures 

How well do you take care of your roof? Do you inspect it for debris and clogs and other accumulations? Do you look out for foot traffic and the effects of temperature on the roof? Do you check for potential liquid damage in the layers of the roof and other water leakage issues of the roof? All of these checkups and regular follow-up on the roof maintenance can easily make huge changes to the performance of the roof.

If you are unsure of the quality of your roof, it is easier to hire a roof consultant and other experts who can give you a proper guidance about your roof. The evaluations made by the experts may come with a huge cost but it comes with a lifetime of value and less costly repairs as well. 



Kevin GomezJune 1, 20214min37

Ever since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, many unemployed individuals have resorted to venturing their business online to be able to make ends meet. Though that being a rational alternative for financial purposes, it is about time we admit that many have taken this path thus making the online business phenomenon overrated than ever before. Though being overrated is not necessarily a bad thing, when it starts to go downhill is when we need to start coming up with resolutions. Here are few concrete justifications why online business is way too overrated and that sellers need to generate better alternatives for the very betterment. 

It Is Almost A Shortcut To Generating Income

While everybody is entitled to make money the way they intended to, provided they are causing no harm to the innocent. With that being said, many of those who see no purpose in pursuing a stable career because of the stress and responsibility it brings, are desired to generate fast money through this very shortcut as it does not call for any qualifications. As a result, their laid-back attitude would not really bring them further even with a platform like social media granting them the autonomy to make money the way they want. Their attitude causes them to take their online business lightly because their intentions are only to make money, not serve their customers the way they deserve to be. There exist tons of cases where customers reported not being treated nicely during inquiries and were asked to look for other sellers in a rather rude tone when demands could not be met. 

Apart from that, many of whom with bad intentions utilize social media platforms for their scheme. Rather than doing legal trades, their very motive is to cheat the innocents for their money. Their profile and site may come off as legitimate but behind the screens, there are no goods and services provided, just a group of immoral-minded teams assembling for fraud. 

The online business phenomenon is most guilty of this because individuals are granted too much of a freedom to market their goods and services which sometimes may not even be legal. There were many group chats caught by the authorities selling off nudes for those who are intrigued to save a copy. Ironic how the society claimed the use of sex toy from sex toys shop online malaysia as disgusting and disregard the atrocity of trading private photos of the innocents. While we should not judge the entire team based on one foul rat, it is what it is; culprits would not even make their way through trading of such without the rise of online business phenomenon. 

How To Resolve

To put an end to whatever practices jeopardizing the market of online business, social media platforms should require sellers to submit in their particulars and qualifications for perusal before embark on their venture online to ensure these businesses are being operated at the most humane ways possible.


Kevin GomezMay 28, 20214min31

Gifting isn’t all about providing physical objects to your cherished ones. It is supposedly the reason for expressing and exposing your cherished wishes and appreciation for them in a mindful way. Whereas choosing the idealized blessing for companions or cherished ones, a few questions come to our intellect. We cannot fault you for these questions as one may feel gigantic weight whereas choosing an idealized blessing for the uncommon somebody. We all are blameworthy for investing unending hours in blessing shops and online websites in search of a blessing that talks to the beneficiary in a mindful way. Subsequently, we are sharing a few valuable tips that will unquestionably assist you to select one of kind and mindful blessings for each event.

promosi proton persona

If you are giving to a family member or a friend, a portrait that is customized and personalized will be a great sentiment and one of the most excellent blessings for reinforcing familial bonds. This personalized and customized design or art will be the core memory that you created with your family that lasts impacts and gives you the happiest memory that you and your family members or friends cherish very much. 

Besides portraits, you can even DIY your own memory jar or bottle jar message. This is more of a compliment and a reminder that the person you are giving this gift to, regards you the best and why they are one of the people you cherish and adore the most. This also shows how much effort and how much you are willing to express your love for that one person.

You can also buy expensive things, such as properties, maybe gold, or even a car. If you’re planning on a car, then you should consider buying a proton car, because they are having promosi proton persona that will last till the end of the year. And also if you plan on buying golds or silver or other sorts of atonement, you can buy in the most famous gold stories, like Pandora and Swarovski. You can even for something simple like fruit and vegetable squeezers. Definitely, it’s not about how expensive those things are, but the value and how much those things last is what is important to the person receiving the gifts.

You can bring them for a good day out, maybe a picnic day or a camping trip. You also have the opportunity to bring them to places that they desire to go, by doing so you are showing that you are willing to appreciate and respect their dreams and desires. This also shows that you are willing to spend time with them and that you appreciate spending and creating cherishable memories with your loved ones, like friends and family.


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If you’ve ever had sex before, I’m sure you’ve had good sex, not so good sex and sometimes great sex. It’s always a hit or miss, especially when you’re doing it with different partners. However, there is a way to ensure that you have great sex every single time. One of the things that always succeeds at spicing up anyone’s sex life is introducing sex toys to the relationship. Sex toys Malaysia like vibrators, anal plugs or dildos can be used for stimulation during foreplay or even enhance stimulation during intercourse. Getting sex toys will definitely help out and you could even get them as a gift for your partner. Other than that, here are a few simple and doable tips to help you have great sex every single time:

Be Comfortable And Confident

Being comfortable means to equally give consent to one another, acknowledging what is going to happen and what is going to be done. For instance, if your partner makes a move without you knowing, it would most probably make you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is the gateway to not getting aroused. Thus, you and your partner should have an agreement beforehand of what either of you likes or dislikes so that whatever you do to each other afterwards is welcomed and you feel comfortable with each other. 

Being confident on the other hand will actually help you achieve orgasm better. You have to acknowledge that you are worthy of pleasure and not just any pleasure but great pleasure. Be confident in your body, of what you’re doing and how you are responding. This will allow you to release much easier and it would feel much better.

Be Spontaneous

When you’ve already talked to your partner about what either of you likes or dislikes, it makes it easier for both of you to be spontaneous throughout the duration of the relationship because you already know what one another likes. Being spontaneous, aside from getting sex toys, is one of the hottest forms of foreplay. The excitement and adrenaline that could build in you due to the suddenness can contribute to better intercourse and better orgasms too. Thus, once in a while, take that risk and be spontaneous. Being spontaneous will also show your partner how much you think about them and desire them which will make your partner feel much better, especially after a long day.

Throw Norms Out The Window

There are always going to be the people who have sex by the book or by what they see in movies. But hey, all of that gets boring over time. To prevent your relationship from getting boring, throw all those sex norms out the window after a while and refresh. Start with something new that neither you nor your partner has ever tried before. It has to be something that you’re both comfortable with trying, though. Trying new things can be scary and risky but you will never truly know if you would like it or not without actually trying first. Some of the things you could try are BDSM, anal and as mentioned before, introducing sex toys to the relationship.


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The process of smell is very important in our health, in our environment, and in our life. The sense of smell informs us about good and delicious food, the sense of smell informs us about the pleasant fragrance in the atmosphere, and the sense of smell informs us about good and fresh and spoiled food. This sense of smell gives awareness to the animals about the dangers presented around them. So, the sense of smell is very crucial and influential for all living creatures, birds, animals, and human beings. The process of smell is completed with the help of an olfactory system. 

Olfactory system

Olfaction is the primitive sense for all living creatures, animals, birds, and human beings. It allows human beings and other organisms with an olfactory system to identify food, mates, predators, and provides both sensual pleasures as well as warnings of danger, such as spoiled food or chemical hazards. In humans and animals, it is one of the important means by which our environment communicates with us. Previous studies stated that even a small amount of fragrance compounds taken by respiration causes indirect physical effects by activating olfactory memory. In addition, the fragrance and the sense of smell are very important in the direction of human behavior.

Olfactory epithelium

This is a tissue located in the nasal cavity. This sensory organ is named the olfactory epithelium and specific olfactory brain regions are called the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex. The olfactory mucosa is the region that is located in the superior and posterior part of the nasal cavity, especially for the detection of fragrant molecules. It includes the olfactory epithelium and its underlying lamina propria. In general, the olfactory epithelium undergoes a continual process of neurogenesis in which new neurons are constantly generated throughout adult life, and this is the reason for discontinuity and spread of the olfactory mucosa. 

Olfactory receptors

Olfactory receptors are located in the nose and they are very significant in the process of smell. The olfactory receptor cells contain cilia where molecular reception with the fragrance occurs and sensory transduction starts. On one side, the olfactory receptor neurons extend through the epithelium to contact fragrant molecules in the air. At the other end, the olfactory receptor cells in the epithelium from axons penetrate the cribriform plate of bone, reaching the olfactory bulb of the brain where they converge to terminate with postsynaptic cells to form synaptic structures called glomeruli. Each glomerulus receives information from olfactory sensory neurons expressing the same type of odorant receptor.

Scented candles

Scented candles are candles that contain fragrance or are made of scents of essential oils extracted from plants and vegetables. These scents make the environment or atmosphere of the house fragranced and aromatic. These scented candles are very useful in the alleviation of stress and uneasiness. If you are looking for the scented candles, then use candles of reputed brands. Malaysia scented candle brands are very good brands for the decoration and scent of your home.  

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Keeping our kitchen clean has never been so easy. From an exceptional chemical supplier in Selangor to chemical manufacturers in China, they aim to give consumers the best possible chemical supplies for our cleaning needs. They know that our simple DIY baking soda solution is not enough to clean up the entire kitchen sink along with the oven. Commercialized kitchen supplies are better at keeping our kitchen a hygienic place for everyone to dine and eat.

There are thousands of kitchen cleaning supplies produced and sold every day. The cleaning supply aisles of our grocery market are filled with many different brands and many different products for different purposes.

What are some of the must-have products in our kitchen on a daily basis because they are crucial?

An Oven Cleaner
Most of us have an oven that we fairly use all the time. We make our favorite baked potatoes in the oven. We make yummy tres leches and butter cakes, we bake our favorite pavlovas, we bake fish and we even make pizzas. On a beautiful sunny day, we may even decide to bake some bread and bring out some buns for our evening snack time.

Our oven makes so many different types of food and it is easy for the oven to get all dirty and crusted up. From many different burning incidents to major spills our oven has suffered enough and it is our job to keep it clean after every use or at least weekly. This is why a proper oven cleaner is important. Simple DIY solutions can easily harm the condition of our oven and degenerate it while a proper oven cleaner can maintain it for a longer time.

Vegetable Wash
A vegetable must be an absolute must in every household. There are so many invisible bacteria, germs, viruses, and pesticides residing on its leaves and stems. We must be careful in a world where plants are treated with so many different harmful chemicals. Ironically we need a chemical such as a vegetable wash to properly clean off the chemicals residing on the vegetables and kills the germs on them. We do not want to accidentally eat the microorganisms living in vegetables. Our freshly pressed vegetables and fruits from a mixer must be free of germs.


Refrigerator Cleaners
Your refrigerator is your savior. They store all the vegetables, fruits, pizzas, frozen peas and raspberries, our ice cream, fish, chicken, open cans, coke bottles, and many more. They preserve things and we often forget about the things we keep there. Keeping things in a fridge does not mean they necessarily last forever, even these items are subjected to rotting and eventual degeneration. When this happens your refrigerator becomes a place for mold, bacteria, germs, and other harmful stuff. If you want to keep your food stored in a safe and clean environment, keep a proper refrigerator and freezer cleaner in your home, you never know how much and when you might end up needing it one day.

Still, thinking about more items to stock at your home? Get some deep fryer cleaners, sink drains, and proper dishwashers for your home as well.


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Allied medical professionals are generally classified as any medical professional, other than doctors or nurses, who have direct contact with patients in a clinical setting.

Allied healthcare professionals work in almost all departments and specialties, including radiology, cardiology, and surgery. Most allied professionals will work in larger clinics or hospitals, but some may find work in doctor’s offices. Some technicians also work in medical laboratories that could also be part of a large clinic or hospital.


Most health-related jobs require an Associate’s Degree, which is a 2-year program typically from a diploma in information technology malaysia. The specific details depend on the exact position you are looking for and the program you are attending. Many schools offer flexible hours to allow you to keep a job while you study to be a medical technician. Therefore, you could complete your courses in less than two years, if you attend school full-time, or it may take you more than two years if you go part-time while you have a full-time job.

Duties and responsibilities

Allied staff generally have regular interaction with patients, so you should enjoy working with people for allied health. Also, as a technician or assistant, you will work in a support role, helping nurses and doctors with their work. Therefore, you must be able to take the lead correctly and also work effectively as part of a medical team.

Schedule and Compensation

Typically, allied healthcare professionals work a shift-based schedule, and therefore are paid by the hour or by shift, not a fixed salary. The great thing about an hourly pay scale is that you can work as much as you want, and your compensation will reflect that. The downside is that some jobs will require you to work a minimum number of shifts, usually around 40 hours, at least unless the job you are applying for is specifically a part-time role.

Jobs at Allied Healthcare

Some examples of allied professionals are:

  • Cardiovascular technology
  • Chemotherapy Technician
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Dialysis technician
  • EKG Technician
  • Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)
  • Perfusionist
  • Phlebotomist
  • Radiology Technology / X-ray Technology
  • Surgical technique
  • Ultrasound Technician (sonographer)

Allied healthcare professionals are healthcare professions other than nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. They work in healthcare teams to run the healthcare system by providing a variety of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and direct patient care and support services that are critical to the other healthcare professionals they work with and patients those who serve.

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 Chemistry has revolutionized our entire world. It has changed our actions, habits, and our overall attitude toward a world of chemicals. Can you imagine living a world where chemicals are not used to build our home, or our favourite clothes? Most probably not. Chemicals are used in our favorite perfumes and cleaning products. They are also in the skin care that we are addicted to and they are in our food. Chemicals that are both naturally made and man-made are important to the world and it has become crucial for humans to understand basic concepts of chemistry.

How many times have we tried to mix two and two of the household cleaning products? Maybe experiment with a little cooking ingredient to see how flavor enhancers but maybe even become poisonous? Hundreds of products in our homes are labeled with a skull or some other indication for hazardous or not safe for ingestion and consumption. How do we know the perfect quantity of these products to use and to use extremely safely? 

Our mothers and fathers may have not studied chemistry over 50 years ago but they certainly learned chemistry from day-to-day experiences. They learned from their fathers and they understood how the world of chemistry worked. So why is it so important to understand how chemistry works around the world? Why do you need to understand the basic concepts of chemistry?  


Our Body Is Made Of Chemicals

Our body is literally made of chemical particles and chemical reactions. Our bloodstream has chemical neurotransmitters. Chemicals in the body are how the body’s functions are regulated. It needs chemicals more than any other being in this world to stay alive, communicate between organs and keep us functioning. Chemical reactions are constantly ongoing in our bloodstream. While we don’t need to understand every little bit of the chemical reactions, basic chemistry in our body helps us understand how we consume food and how we should cook for our body. Chemical reactions are not only important for tangible things and physical things around the world. Chemicals also explain how we act and react to worldly things. There are chemical structures for our love hormones that we feel when we are deeply in love or affection for something or someone. How we act is also defined by chemical reactions. 

Chemistry In Our Homes

Our home is where we cook. Laugh. Love and eat. So it is only natural for every household function that there is a chemical to facilitate it. Are you looking to make beautiful concoctions on the dinner plate? That is also a play of chemicals and chemistry. Another important thing is the concrete we use and the chemicals that go into making the house. Whether it is wax emulsion Malaysia has in our floorboards and plasterboards or any other foaming agent in concrete, we are here for the use of chemicals to strengthen our dream home 

Chemicals are easy to understand despite the complicated reaction it has. For our safety and health, we should understand how chemicals and chemistry play a role in our everyday life.