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Kevin GomezMarch 5, 20214min37

An attached property is one of the many options if you are planning to buy one in Bandar Puncak Alam or Selayang. Nowadays, you will find that most developers choose this type and even market them while they are still in the preselling stage. The reason is because they are easier to dispose and most of all, they don’t need that wide of a lot considering there is no space in between every unit. 

Most of the time, a detach property comes with a terrace, though it is just smaller than the usual terraces you probably see in rural areas. in fact, most of the terraces in attached properties as used for laundry, though od course, there is a laundry area allotted for every unit. 

Why choose an attached property? Check this out:

  • as mentioned, it is cheaper. Yes, as usually, it is smaller as well. Space is quite limited both in the interior and the exterior. So, reasonably, it should be cheaper compared to those detached properties. 
  • You can say that since most of the time, attached properties are gated, it is safer for your kids. You just have to make sure that it is near the road, so your teens won’t have to walk that far to find a ride, unless of course, you have your own car. Generally, living in a subdivision where most of the attached properties are, is actually safer as it comes with a security guard and the neighbors are just on the other side. You even share walls for that matter, so thieves or burglars will be wary to target you. 
  • It is also easier to dispose in the event that you need to move. If you decide to have it rented, you can easily do that as well. the bottom line is, you will not find it hard to deal with in case you will decide not to stay there anymore. 
  • An attached property can be bigger as well. As a matter of fact, you might find one with 4 to 5 rooms! But of course, they are more expensive. 

Well, if you are serious about buying a property, you have to note that your options are wide these days. So, your first move should be is to find a broker that can help you look for a property that can answer to most of your requirements. 

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