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Kevin GomezFebruary 24, 20214min370

4 Interesting Things You Should Do Today

How’s MCO 2.0 treating you? For many Malaysians, MCO 2.0 is a never-ending nightmare. Although we have passed 2020, it feels like the year never left us even though we left the year about a month ago. There were many interesting things done in the past MCO by everyone to pass their time such as baking banana bread or exercising. This time we should aim higher and make sure we make the most of our time. So here are 4 interesting ways you can do today instead of wasting your time doing nothing.

The first thing you can do is that you can go to Netflix and watch the newest shows. This may be not as different as to doing nothing but there are many shows on Netflix that are very educational. Enola Holmes is a popular show about the tale of Sherlock Holmes’s sister who was a genius detective as well. Sadly, due to the gender discrimination at the time she was not recognised. You can also watch a documentary film such as the two Popes which shows how Pope Benedict XVI was succeeded by Pope Francis. The film showed how even Popes can lose faith in their religion and have doubts about their beliefs.

Next is forex malaysia . There are many <ahref= “https://vextrader.com/”> forex traders in Malaysia. If you’re not interested in movies and documentaries, this may be your cup of tea. Foreign exchange is a worldwide decentralized or over-the-counter market for the exchanging of monetary forms. This market decides unfamiliar trade rates for each cash. It incorporates all parts of purchasing, selling and trading monetary forms at current or decided costs. If you’re going to kill some time, better of doing it in a form that benefits you anyway. Though foreign exchange may be challenging at first, it gets easier with time.

The next interesting thing one should do is baking. Baking stores have seen a rise in people buying products from them than before. Since grocery stores have seen a shortage in bread, Malaysians have resorted to baking their own bread. It may have been done once but recently Massimo announced that their bread factory will be taking a short break in MCO 2.0. Hence, the bread shortages will only become a more widespread issue. Prepare your baking tins and you should practice baking muffins and other baked goods to accompany your family this MCO.

Lastly, you can also try exercising to keep your health. As many of us should stay at home, this MCO 2.0, we should not be hermits. Get your yoga mat out or go to your lawn and do some stretches. There were many posts and updates by netizens stating that the continuous binge eating and the lack of movement have caused them to gain weight and even lead an unhealthy lifestyle. However, there have been also some glow-ups by overweight or obese people as they finally have their own time to control what they consume and what they eat.

After reading all this, we hope you’ve changed your mind on how you should spend your time this lockdown. We should play our part in curbing the virus but we should also ensure that we lead a healthy lifestyle. We hope you have an interesting lockdown and stay safe.

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