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3 Places To Buy Nice Gifts For Your Friends And Family

Gifts!!! Who doesn’t love them?

Gift-giving is one of the most joyous occasions a person can partake in. There’s literally no better feeling than coming home and being surprised by a bountiful array of gifts prepared for you by someone you love. Or multi level marketing , looking through a myriad of gift catalogues to find the perfect present to bundle into a present box, top with a bow, and give to a delighted friend or family member. There’s no denying it – there’s no feeling more precious, more wholesome, than giving gifts!

However, there’s still the ever-present question of what gift you’re supposed to buy for them. And even when you’ve determined that, how do you know what store out there is a good one to buy from? Your loved ones deserve only the best of the best, after all – you can hardly settle for something low quality!

Thankfully, there are lovely gift shops out there that have assembled a myriad of gift ideas for your perusal. You can duck in and look over the shelves, and find the one thing you’ve been looking for this whole time crammed amongst the products! And hey, even if you don’t have a preconceived present in mind, you can still look among the catalogue and find yourself an idea for what your recipient may like!

So without further ado, here are 3 places to buy nice gifts for your friends and family!

1. Thirty One Gifts

Affordable purses, trendy tote bags, and cute purses galore – if you’re looking for something adorable and trendy, Thirty One Gifts is your stop!

Founded in 2003, Thirty One Gifts is a top mlm company that specializes in the gift of cute and aesthetic bags. Boasting an almost startling array of bags and purses and almost every variation of totes under the sun, this mlm business is all about giving your friends and family only the best of the best from the world of both fashion and bags. All of their bags are not only catered towards utility, but are also distinctive in their style – with wild patterns, classy finishes, and cute motifs embossed onto all their bag surfaces!

So if you know your recipient’s a lover of bags or shopping or even classy-looking purses, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice on what to give them at Thirty One Gifts!

2. Kaison

A popular home goods store with outlets all over Malaysia, Kaison is the perfect stop to buy gifts for someone who loves home decorating!

If you’ve ever been to a Kaison outlet, you’d know that their theme reflects their catalogue. Most Kaison stores are cheerfully yet warmly lit by the glow of yellow lights; with white shelves crammed full of soft toys, baskets, clocks, and other aesthetic home decor ideas for you to choose from. Not to mention, Kaison’s product selection is also cutely distinct in their incredibly wide selection of plushies, in all shapes and sizes – from a sizable plush watermelon slice, to small hand-held cat dolls in a variety of bright colors! All-in-all, everything in Kaison seems to suggest comfort and coziness – and is definitely a wonderful place to shop for someone who absolutely loves cute home decorations (or even just plush toys)!

3. Daiso

If you have no idea what to buy your gift recipient, and want to look through a place that seemingly has everything under the sun? Well, Daiso is the perfect place for you!

A dollar store (or ‘100 yen’ store) that originated from Japan, Daiso is your one-stop shop for anything and everything within a 5 ringgit budget. These include things you need to things you want to things you never even knew existed; from plush toys to small rocking chairs for your phone (I guess they need luxury, too!) to strange rock reusable…ice cubes (honestly I still don’t know if those work). But there’s also a myriad of adorable things to be found within its walls, such as a packet for making shaped and colored animal rice balls, and even fruit-shaped plush pencil boxes for the kids!

So if you’re stumped on what to get your gift recipient and would love some fresh ideas, why not stop by Daiso and be inspired by all the endearingly strange things within its walls?

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